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I always recommend having a trial for your wedding hair and makeup. Your trial is your chance to see your hair and makeup ideas come to life. During the trial we can work together to create the perfect hairstyle and makeup to suit you, taking into consideration your style, dress & colour schemes. 
To prepare yourself for the trial I recommend you come wearing your everyday makeup with your hair clean and dry. It is really helpful if you collect a number of pictures prior to the day of both things you do and don’t like so we can get a feel for the style you are going for. It is also helpful to see pictures of yourself when you have like your hair or makeup so we can see what makes you feel comfortable. 
If you have any sensitivities or would just like to use certain products of your own I am always happy to do this – I recommend you bring them along to the trial. 
Tips on preparing for your bridal trial - 
There is so much inspiration online for your bridal beauty look and pintrest is fantastic for assisting in wedding planning in general. Do remember though images are often heavily edited. 
Even if you can’t find the exact style you are envisioning, a collection of images you love will give a a greater idea of the look you’re going for. 
If you have no idea of the bridal look you would like don’t worry here are some questions to ask yourself that may help you discover your chosen bridal look. 
How do you normally wear your hair? 
How do your wear your hair and makeup when you get the most compliments? 
When do you feel your best? 
What’s your wedding like? 
Your venue/your colour schemes 
Whats your wedding dress style? Is it young, fresh and romantic and floaty or glam and structured? Is the detail around the neckline? You might want to show that off. This all helps guide your hair and makeup look. 
Who is your celebrity inspiration for hair and makeup? That can help me with a reference and starting point. 
Skin preparation - 
Drinking lots of water pre-wedding, getting your brows done,treating yourself to some facials. You’re aiming for a great canvas that I can further enhance. 
Arriving at your trial 
For hair it’s best to wash it the night before but not use straighteners or any heated tools as it affects the hair shaft and make it harder to re-style. If you have to wash it every day then come with it washed that morning and I can prep your hair. 
We’d also suggest wearing a white or light this help you get the feel of the hair and makeup look with the right colouring. 
What to bring to your trial and when should I book my bridal trial? 
Scheduling the trial after you’ve bought your wedding dress is pretty helpful as it guides the whole look and can help you picture your whole bridal look with your hair and makeup however you don’t need to bring it with you we can have a look at a picture together. I normally suggest planing the trial 2-3 months before the wedding date. 
Daylight is always preferable for your trial. 
If you have any hair accessories or a veil already purchased then these are helpful to bring. If your unsure of which hair accessories to go for I will bring along some beautiful pierces for you to try from 
I wouldn’t suggest bringing lots of people with you for your trial as sometimes lots of opinions doesn’t help and can confuse your own image, But a best friend, bridesmaid or Mum is fun. I’d select them on their positive vibes! 
Trial appointments are only available on Mondays-Thursdays between 9am - 4pm. Friday - Sundays are kept exclusively for wedding bookings. 
It’s best to have a trial around 2-3 months before your wedding but it's up to you if you would prefer one earlier. 
I travel to you for your trial booking. You can try one hair/makeup style, if you are undecided and would like to try more styles, let me know so I can book in a longer trial for you (additional charges apply*) 
Trials usually take 2-3 hours - until you are happy with your look and once this is achieved I will take photos and keep notes of products/colours used for the wedding day. 
I travel to you for your trial booking. Bridal trials take around 2-3 hours for hair and makeup. 
Please note -I don’t recommend using your trial to try 2 or 3 different looks – your hair will become hard to work with as well as your scalp tender and removing and redoing eye makeup can prove challenging on the second application. At your bridal trial I’ll start with your favourite look and adapt this to suit you – if you love it and you’re happy you are welcome to leave hair and makeup intact (as long as I don’t need to remove any extensions provided by myself at the trial) 
Of course I also understand that sometimes the vision in your mind doesn’t translate to reality so you may need to try something else. In which case you are welcome to book a second trial. 
*Extended trials (over 4 hours) will be charged at an additional £70 per hour. 
*Second trials are charge at the same rate as initial trial. 
Hair extensions 
If you already own hair extensions, bring them with you. Do not purchase new ones; I will provide further instructions on what hair extensions are required to achieve the look you desire for your big day. 
For more information please call me on 07734 460096 or click here to contact me. 
Kerstie Ann - Bespoke Beauty 
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